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0001_Tom C - Site Foreman

Tom ‘The Teeth’ Campbell

Site Foreman

Tom is DC Builders first Apprentice who quickly proved himself as someone unafraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Tom has carved himself a particularly handy niche as a small spaces expert. Able to maneuver deftly through small, claustrophobic environments such as under houses, Tom has been deployed to great effect on many builds requiring the ability to gain access to and work in extremely confined spaces. If he ever did get lost all you would have to do would be to follow the sound of his voice rapping to the site radio – that or look out for the worlds biggest set of glowing white teeth.

A dedicated disciple to the creed ‘Work hard, party harder’ Tom’s youthful and playful energy is infectious on site – although in Justin’s case it is suspected to be a leading cause of his hair loss. A club rugby player who is also a passionate surfer, Tom prides himself on being an awesome uncle to his sister’s child.


  • 3rd Year Apprentice