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0006_Russel - Site Foreman

Russel ‘Dad’ Eames

Site Foreman

When things go FUBAR on a build, Russel is the guy you want by your side. He is a skilled, hardworking builder with a Zen-like ability to remain calm and think clearly when the pressure mounts. In the midst of a veritable frenzy of activity to get a job completed to deadline, Russel’s bald Buddha-like head will always be at the calm center of the storm, meticulous and unperturbed, carrying out the task at hand coolly and professionally. In the building trade experience counts for a lot and Russel is one of the most experienced guys on the team. Loyal, dependable and looked up to by the apprentices as a father figure, Russel carries a lot of experience and know-how to every job site – Something which he will undoubtedly pass down to his son who might one day join his dad in the DC ranks.

A dedicated father, Russel loves nothing more than spending quality time with his son and watching rugby.


  • 8 years’ experience. Qualified Builder