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Oliver ‘Gentle Giant’ Sykes


Work hard, dedicate yourself to what you do, give 100% and always be the earliest one to work seem to be the cornerstones of Oliver’s work ethic. A quiet guy with a gentle nature are the traits that have endeared Oliver to everyone he works with – that and his ability to lift, dig and perform feats of strength that leave even the burliest builder blushing with embarrassment. Simply put, Oliver is an absolute machine when it comes to physical labor, but what makes him a quintessential DC builder is the intellect that comes along with the brawn. Oliver’s true value lies in his versatility and his ability to perform the role of both builder and Site Foreman seamlessly.

Another rugby fanatic – He is a massive Chiefs fan – Oliver lets off steam by going hard in the gym or playing rugby, undoubtedly much to the dismay of his opponents. Recently engaged to his beautiful fiancé, Kelly, Oliver’s future both personal and professional is looking bright.


  • Trade Qualified Builder