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0018_Dev T - Site Foreman

Dev ‘Benjamin Button’ Thornton

Site Foreman

If you want to point out Dev on a job site just look for the quiet guy, head down and cracking on with it. Our Foremen hold a lot of respect for Dev and his potential in this industry is undeniable. A reliable and punctual workhorse Dev is never afraid to get stuck in and apply himself. Offsite Dev loves letting loose, partying and astonishing the older guys with his encyclopedic knowledge of music – particularly the older stuff. Not many young builders can strut around a building site singing Kenny Rogers classics word for word. Doubters in reincarnation would have a hard time disproving the theory many of us hold that he is a much older man trapped inside a young mans body.

When Dev isn’t rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done he enjoys knocking a golf ball around, blitzing his work mates at marathons (he got fastest time of all DC participants at the Auckland Marathon) or indulging in some good old-fashioned revelry.


  • 2nd Year Apprentice