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If you are looking for a proven specialist building company that will efficiently manage and execute your new building, development, home renovation or home renovation project from start to finish – DC Builders is right for you. With a team of highly skilled, certified and licensed designers and builders in Auckland and Tauranga, we make sure your projects are completed to the highest quality within the specified time frame. We’ll work closely with you to define your ideas and dreams, taking the project from concept stage to completion while ensuring we’re constantly working with your budget.

Integrated Design and Build is our Bread and Butter

Here at DC Builders, our dedicated in-house architectural design team are also trade-qualified carpenters. We design from a builder’s perspective.

What does this mean?


Our home designers make the design process faster by getting you from consultation to floor plan design drawings with only the utmost attention to detail. No more having to work back and forth between your architect and your builder. At DC Builders, we do both – doing the detailed design work with the eye of a problem-solving builder is our specialty.

More Efficient

Since our home design team are also experienced tradespeople, we can see “build-ability” issues before they arise. Our designers know the systems and methods that are most efficient for our construction teams to use, eliminating project variations between the designing and building process altogether and saving you precious time.


Did you know that 10% of construction cost is down to mismatch in designers and builders?
By eliminating any budget blowouts due to project variations between designers and builders, we ultimately save you money. Rest assured our team of house designers will consistently work within your budget, giving you the assurance and security that you deserve when building your dream home.
DC Builders’ Integrated Design and Build is proven to be fast, efficient and cost-effective.
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