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DC Builders recently completed a significant renovation on a property in Westmere. We caught up with the home owners Hannah and Ross and asked them a few questions about DC Builders.

What made you choose DC Builders over the other companies in your area?
We got to know Mel and Justin when they were working on our neighbour’s house. We then talked to them about our plans and we liked their attitude and them as people.

How did you feel the process went from start to finish?
Excellent. They gave us a full and detailed estimate which allowed us to assess every aspect of the project. Everything was broken down and they made it very clear what was included and what wasn’t. We then had weekly site meetings (which always included our architect) for the initial build and then again as required.

How did you feel the communication was between you and your project manager?
Excellent. We always knew what was happening at every stage. And when we emailed DC they were always very responsive and helpful.

Do you have any tips for other potential renovation clients?
Be very clear about what your build expectations are. And make sure you fully understand the build estimate and what is included and what is not. And then trust these guys… they know what they are doing. Building and renovating is always incredibly stressful – these guys reduced some of the stress because they are so well organised.

Were you happy with the sub-trades that you had in your home?
By and large yes. And whenever there was an issue Mel and Justin addressed it quickly and put it right.

If you were to sum up your entire experience with DC Builders what would it be?
Trust and confidence. We quickly realised we could trust them completely – their quality, their organisational abilities and their follow up. We could also trust them as individuals. Finally, they were just great to deal with.